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LinkPush allows you to push the current page you are viewing in your browser to your Android phone (all versions of Android OS supported) with a single click.

How to use:
1. Install Android app
2. Install browser extension
3. Click LinkPush button with the page you want to push open
4. Click LinkPush on your phone to load the page
(Optionally enable GTalk notifications to receive instant messages with links.)

Android app

You probably want to download this app from the Android Market on your phone.

Try scanning the QR code above if you have a barcode scanner installed.

Chrome extension

Click here to download the Chrome extension

The extension adds a simple single click button to push your current page immediately.

Firefox extension

Click here to download the Firefox extension

This extension is still under development and any feedback would be appreciated.

Other browsers

If your browser doesn't have an extension available you can use any browser that supports JavaScript bookmarks (often called bookmarklets), simply right click the following link and add as a bookmark or to favourites. Clicking the bookmark will push the current page

LinkPush Bookmarklet

In case you can't bookmark the link here is the text required



If you like this app (and are feeling particularly nice!) there is an identical version in the market called "LinkPush Donate" for 1 (about $1.50 USD) with the QR code above, Android Market link.

Any donations would be very much appreciated!

Created by Connor Dunn